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Article 370 This actor will appear in the role of Amit Shah in Article 370 Arun Govil will play the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Article 370 Kiran Karmarkar Playing Amit Shah Role: Yami Gautam’s movie ‘Article 370’ is going to hit the screens soon. The audience is curious about this movie. Aditya Jamble will handle the direction of this movie. Fans are curious to see who will play the role of Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in ‘Article 370’ .

Aditya Dhar has produced the movie ‘Article 370’. Ever since the release of the trailer, the audience has been waiting for this movie. Every character in this movie is appreciated by the audience. Arun Govil, who plays the role of Priyamani, Vaibhav Tattvadi or Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has attracted the attention of the audience through his role. The audience is now curious about the movie ‘Article 370’.

Who will play the role of Amit Shah in ‘Article 370’?
Kiran Karmakar will play the role of Amit Shah in the movie ‘Article 370’. Kiran has played the role of Amit Shah perfectly. Being a different subject, this movie is currently in a lot of discussion.

When will ‘Article 370’ be released? (Article 370 Release Date)
Article 370 was shot in Kashmir and revolves around a local field agent who is on a secret mission. The movie ‘Article 370’ is directed by Suhas Jambhale and screenplay is produced by Aditya Dhar, Lokesh Dhar and Jyoti Deshpande. The film is releasing on February 23.

‘Article 370’ Star Cast (Article 370 Starcast)
Article 370 also stars Priyamani, Arun Govil, Skand Thakur, Ashwini Kaul, Kiran Karmarkar, Divya Seth Shah, Raj Zutshi, Sumit Kaul, Raj Arjun, Asit Gopinath Redidge, Ashwini Kumar, Iravati Harshe Mayadev in important roles. . The audience is eagerly waiting for the movie ‘Article 370’. With a strong star cast, this film will do well at the box office.

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