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BTS agency BigHit Music released information about Suga’s (Min Yoongi) military service and claimed that it started the recruitment procedure last month.

BTS Sugar Confirms Enlistment, Army Is Nervous and Excited - Check Reactions

BTS member Suga confirmed his mandatory military service date on September 17, following Jin and J-Hope. The announcement came via an official statement released by BIGHIT MUSIC. Following the official announcement, the ‘First Love’ singer’s fans from all over the world showered her with unrelenting love. Fans predicted that Suga would be drafted into the military because he got emotional while playing at a recent concert.

BTS Suga to Start Military Service

The following statements were made in the statement: “Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. Thank you for your continuous support to BTS. We have more information about SUGA’s military service. SUGA will begin his compulsory service on September 22. The day he takes office or the training camp “There will be no official events on the day he enters. We ask fans to refrain from visiting SUGA at work during his service period. Please convey your warm greetings and encouragement only from your heart.”

“Also, please be careful not to be negatively impacted by unauthorized tours or packaged products that illegally exploit the artist’s intellectual property rights. Our company will take appropriate measures against any commercial activity that uses the artist’s intellectual property rights without permission. We ask for your continued love and support until SUGA completes his service and returns. Our company will try to provide all the support needed during this period. Thank you (sic),” it concluded.

Recently, Suga got emotional while talking about BTS on a program and said, “When I went to SUGA hyung’s concert and performed solo on stage, I thought I wanted to be on stage with all our members. Or hang out with them in the waiting room. I really miss those ordinary moments. I hope those days are many.” He’ll be back soon.”

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BTS member Suga has a huge fan following all over the world. Bighit’s fans and followers became emotional after his military service announcement. They got X (formerly Twitter) when a user tweeted, “WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU, SUGA.” Another user wrote: “WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU YOONGI OUR LOTUS FLOWER YOONGI (sic).”

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“I love you so much Min Yoongi, we will wait for you Suga,” one fan wrote.

Suga just finished his solo concert tour D-DAY THE FINAL in Seoul on August 6, 2023. RM performed his unreleased songs as a guest and then joined Suga live and hinted at his intention to enlist in the military, saying he would see. The army can’t wait to see their heroes perform together once again and looks forward to BTS’ reunion in 2025.

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