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vopbuzz.com got in touch with Aarya’s Vikas Kumar, where he talked about Part 2 of Season 3: Antim Vaar. Vikas is also a dialogue coach who has worked with actors like Katrina Kaif, Babil Khan, Kalki. He’s also keen on teaching THIS superstar his Bihari accent. Watch the video to find out who he is!

Published: 9 February 2024 21:58 IST

By Onam Gupta

aaryaa popular TV series Disney + Hot Star He received all kinds of praise and appreciation. Episode 2 of the third season is airing today. Antaim VaarWhere there is a standout character that really grabs the audience’s attention Vikas Kumar in the role AKP Inn, offers strong performance. He played a cop in the narcotics department who is on a mission to bust a major drug racket. He plays differently than the ordinary cops we see on screen. Additionally, Kumar’s portrayal as a gay Muslim beautifully normalises the concept of homosexuality across all classes, segments, cultures and societies.

Vikas Kumar on Playing Cop Roles and Confronting Bollywood Stereotypes

This isn’t the first time Vikas Kumar has played the role of an intense cop on screen. He has animated before Inspector Rajat on the popular TV show Customer IDHe was praised for his performance. In an exclusive interview with vopbuzz.com, The actor explained that his decision to take on the role of a cop again was largely influenced by the opportunity to share many of his scenes with her. Sushmita Sen. He said, “Acting alongside and opposite Sushmita in most of my scenes was a major factor that I was looking forward to and excited about taking on the role of ACP Khan.”

Kumar also revealed that he would be interested in playing the role of Daulat, played by Sikander Kher, if he is allowed to play a different character in Aarya. He expressed admiration for the character’s minimal dialogue, saying, ‘I like being there and not saying much. Since it has fewer rows, its overhead is less, so solving all this. “Let’s stay silent, testify or not, just be part of the scene.”

Kumar shared his perspective on being stereotyped after portraying cop roles: “After Kaala Paani, it doesn’t bother me personally; This should concern those who stereotype me. “If you’re casting me just because you see me playing a cop and a movie or TV show requires a cop role, that’s unfair in a way and reflects the laziness of the casting director.”

Vikas Kumar as Dialect Coach: ‘I Would Love to Teach SRK Bihari’

Vikas Kumar is known for training some of the biggest names in the film industry as a dialogue coach and reveals that he grew up as a diligent student with a keen interest in languages. Worked as a Polish teacher Katrina Kaif in Tiger 3 and Merry Christmas, Babil Khan in Railway Men, Vidya Balan in Ishqiya, Prithviraj Sukumaran in Salaar: Part One – Truce and More, ‘“I learn every day and share my experiences while studying with the players,” he said.

Kumar also expressed his desire to collaborate Shah Rukh Khan. He immensely admires Khan’s dialogue delivery and cherishes any opportunity to work with him as he is a huge fan himself. Vikas humorously said that I didn’t think he needed dialogue coaching, but the closest thing that came to my mind was that I was from Bihar. “I can add some ‘Santosh’ (from Kala Pani) to the dialogue delivery.”

Vikas Kumar’s upcoming project after Aarya Uljhan, A narrative revolving around an upper-caste family in London. The film also stars Saloni Batra, known for her role in the following films: Animal And Soni.

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