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Shaitaan film trailer has been released

Ajay Devgn’s upcoming movie ‘Shaitan’ has been discussed for a few days now. The curiosity of the audience to watch this film has reached its peak. The trailer of Ashatach or Chitrapacha Angavar Kata Annaara has been released. What is special is that in the trailer, Ajay Devganchi’s onscreen character has attracted everyone’s attention.

Ajay Devgan is seen living in a luxurious house with his daughter and daughters in Angavar Kata Aana or Trailer. Suddenly a strange man comes to their house. And Ajaychya Mullivar does witchcraft. Further, Madhavan (R Madhavan) performed the terrible acts and performed the same acts. Due to this everyone would be worried. Ajay Madhavanvar is very angry. It can be seen like this. Yes, you will be shocked after watching the trailer.

It is the Hindi remake of Gujarati film ‘Vash’ and ‘Shaitan’. Krishnadev Yagnik has directed Gujarati cinema. A normal family goes to a village for a vacation. There an unknown man comes and does black magic on their Mulivars. What terrible and strange incident happens during this time or will be seen in the film.

This film will be screened on March 8th. Vikas Bahl is the director of the film. Also produced by Ajay Devgn, Jyoti Deshpande, Kumar Pathak and Abhishek Pathak. Ajay Devgan, Jyothika and R Madhavan will be seen in lead roles in the film.

And Ajay Devgan’s onscreen role is played by 28 year old Gujarati actress Janaki Bodiwala. The special thing is that Janaki has a very important role in the original Gujarati film. She is a popular actress in Gujarati cinema.

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