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Abhijeet Bhattacharya on his dispute with Shah Rukh Khan He.cms

Abhijeet BhattacharyaKnown for singing in Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Main Hoon Na‘, expressed his dissatisfaction with the songs not being given due credit, which led to strained relations between them.
The singer addressed her estrangement from Shah Rukh in an interview with Pinkvilla and emphasized that Khan is well aware of the situation. Even though their birthdays were just one day apart and they had similar personalities, their relationship soured.

He also stated that both he and SRK are aware of their respective ways.

Bhattacharya suggested that as 6-7 years his senior, he would advise Khan to move beyond theatre and recognise his enduring stardom. However, despite knowing his true character, he expressed doubts about rekindling their relationship, thinking that Khan might come across as pretentious or preoccupied. The estranged bond between them still carries with it an awareness of Bhattacharya’s hurt feelings.

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On the work front, SRK’s latest look was as follows: Rajkumar Hirani‘Dunki’ featuring Taapsee Pannu Vicky KaushalBoman Irani and others. The film received enthusiastic praise from fans and critics alike.
He is also slated to star alongside his daughter Suhana Khan in the film ‘King.’ He will reportedly play the role of ‘Don’ in ‘King,’ a character full of morally complex traits.

‘The King’ is Shah Rukh Khan’s passion project, in which he was deeply involved in the development process. Siddharth Anand And Sujoy GhoshTogether, they created a character in ‘King’ who exudes confidence, attitude and audacity while infusing Khan with layers of complexity.

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