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The long-term effects of COVID-19 affect millions of people, leading doctors to dub the pandemic a “massively disabling event.” Doctors and scientists are still studying the causes and effects of Long Covid, but in the meantime, Physical Therapy Born An important tool to reduce disability and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the ways a qualified physical therapist can help with life-changing post-Covid symptoms.


The internet and popular media are full of misinformation when it comes to COVID and its long-term health effects. Many patients may not initially realize that their unusual fatigue and trouble concentrating is due to Covid, and not other health concerns or aging. The first step in physical therapy for COVID is to educate patients and their families about the real and potentially disabling long-term effects of COVID in some people.

personal assessment and job evaluation

Long COVID manifests differently in each patient, so a customized recovery plan starts with individual evaluation and assessment. A physical therapist will ask questions about your COVID infection, such as whether you were hospitalized, whether you were put on a ventilator, or whether you had multiple exposures.

There are several standard functional tests that can help a physical therapist determine which interventions will benefit you most in real life. A doctor may ask you:

  • Walk about 30 feet with a steady pace
  • Stand up and sit on a folding chair as many times as possible in 30 seconds
  • March in place on high knees for 2 minutes

The specific tests administered will depend on the severity of your symptoms. Don’t worry about “failing” these tests or about the therapist putting too much pressure on you, as a good physical therapist will quickly have a good sense of what each person can handle. These tests give your chosen physical therapy near me The provider has a good idea of ​​your overall cardiovascular condition after COVID.

blood flow restriction training

Physical therapists have special techniques for post Covid patients that may provide more benefits with less risk. A cuff similar to a blood pressure measuring cuff is used in blood flow restriction training to limit blood flow to the muscles while performing light exercise.

Why would you want less blood flow to your muscles? This makes exercise more challenging at lower weights, so you can rebuild cardiovascular endurance without damaging muscles or blood vessels from heavier weights and increased blood flow. Since long-term COVID can damage the cardiovascular system, think of blood flow restriction training as a safety brake or bumper that reduces the risk of further damage during exercise.

balance exercise

Covid also affects the brain and coordination. A physical therapist can help you regain a level of balance important for daily tasks. Light balance exercises done diligently can retrain your muscles and make you more stable on your feet. Gradually retraining your balance can help stave off symptoms of post-Covid dizziness and improve focus and mental health.

Persistent COVID symptoms can be difficult to understand and live with. physical therapy south austin Uniquely equipped to slowly and safely reduce the severity of symptoms and restore everyday functions for a better quality of life.

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