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Anupam Kher has fun with Satish Kaushiks daughter Vanshika in.cms

Satish Kaushik‘s daughter, Vanshika, recently shared a heartwarming video featuring the veteran actor on her Instagram account. Anupam Kher. In a fun collaboration, vanshika He shared a video in which he and Kher can be seen recreating a trending meme dialogue from the iconic song.Aati kya Khandala‘.
Watch the video here:

What adds an emotional touch to the reel is Anupam Kher dancing alongside Vanshika while holding a framed photo featuring Satish Kaushik, highlighting their precious bond. Vanshika expressed her love for Kher in the caption: “With my one and only uncle Anupam, mine and my father’s ‘my favorite shining star now how can I not reel with him'”.

Fans showered love and admiration on the video with comments like, “Sir, I really appreciate the way you take care of your friend’s daughter” and “The sweetest thing I saw today, Vanshika will always have a father by her side.” your form Anupam Sir”. Another comment praised Kher as a “true example of friendship”, while others praised his determination to be a part of Vanshika’s life forever and said, “I love that you make time for them and be a part of their life forever.”

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One comment highlighted Kher’s support for family and children after the death of a father, writing: “There are very few people who support family and children after the death of their father… and you are among them”. While another commenter wrote, “Best use of social media I have seen in a long time,” another expressed admiration for Kher’s loyalty and said, “Anupam sir, you have maintained true friendship. Satish sir is seeing you. Regards.” .

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