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AR Rahman suggested not to make Chamkila a heavy film.cms

Always Imtiaz Ali and AR Rahman have teamed up to deliver blockbuster music like Rockstar, Tamasha, Highway or the recently released Amar Singh Camkila. Rahman often not only contributes to the music but also shares his suggestions to improve the quality of the film.

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In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Imtaiz Ali He describes the conversations he had with Rahman about music and how the film should be shaped. Imtiaz said: “Rehman sir was very excited about making an album entirely in Punjabi. The songs did not have to be in Punjabi, but the musical world would definitely be in Punjabi.
Recalling his first meeting with Rahman, Imtiaz said, “In our first meeting with him, he asked me: What will we do differently?” So I said, what do you think we should do? And he said: Can we do musical theater in this style? When people speak directly to the camera, they are singing directly to the camera. And this was a golden opportunity for me to grab. Because I kept in mind that when people come to watch this movie, they will not know anything about Chamkila and it is the duty of the movie to let people know who Chankila is. They will care about him so they can enjoy his story. So, if you see the first song at the beginning of the movie, there are various people from Punjab singing directly to the camera. Some say he is a good man. Some say he is a terrible person. He was vulgar; He was cheap. Some said he was a messiah or something. Thus, various concepts about life, various truths and lies, and the legend of Chamkila emerge. So the first thing he said was musical theatre. Then there is another song called Naram Kaalja where we see women singing to the camera. “We adopted this style and were very happy with it.”
“Rahman sir also said: Let’s not make a heavy film, which was in line with my idea of ​​not making a sad film. This was because Chamkila’s music was never sad; He was always celebrating. So I thought: Let’s not make a sad movie and call it Chamkila. This would be absolutely wrong. Although there are tragic events in the story, the story begins with the murder of your heroes. And then it ends in a way that makes you feel their pain a little bit. But I wanted to continue the flow of Chamkila’s life happily, joyfully,” he concluded.

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