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Arjun Kapoor And Malaika Arora It has been going steadily for almost six years. But recently, Malaika shared a cryptic note on her Instagram stories. On Friday morning, the actor posted a message highlighting the irreplaceable value of love and support from real people. The note read: “The greatest treasure in the world are the people who love and support us. They cannot be bought or replaced, and there are only a few of them in each of us.” This made fans speculate about the current status of her relationship with Arjun.
Did the two break up?
Earlier today, Pinkvilla reported that the couple had parted ways amicably. The entertainment portal cited a source stating that Malaika and Arjun share a very special relationship and both will continue to hold a special place in each other’s hearts. They have decided to part ways and will maintain a dignified silence on this issue. They will not let anyone drag and examine their relationship.
Here is the truth
However, ETimes later learned that this may not be the case. While the Arjun-Malaika love story is said to be over, some people in the industry say that there is little chance of the duo breaking up, just that Arjun is on a business holiday abroad and has not been seen in Turkey. Mumbai and will return only in the first week of June.
It was previously said that he would take a break
In January, reports emerged suggesting that Malaika and Arjun had ended their relationship but were considering reconciliation. Allegedly, the breakup rumors were due to differing views on moving forward with their relationship; While one spouse was moving towards marriage, the other was hesitating.
Previously discussed wedding plans
While speaking to Karan Johar on his talk show last year, Arjun was asked if he and Malaika have plans to take their relationship to the next level anytime soon. Arjun replied, “I think at this point, as much as I enjoy being on your show and being honest and sincere about it, this aspect of my life is something I prefer to take as it comes. I think it would be unfair to discuss the future without its present. When we get to that stage, we’ll always do that.” “I’m happy with where I am and it’s no secret that we’ve overcome challenges to find this comfortable, happy space.”
too much in love
On Malaika’s 50th birthday, a sweet picture was posted on Arjun Kapoor’s Instagram account to wish her. In the photo, the two are seen dancing together, Arjun’s right arm is wrapped around Arjun, while Malaika is holding on to him and smiling. In the caption accompanying the picture, Arjun wrote: “Happy birthday baby!!! This picture is us. You bring the smile, the joy, the light and even in the chaos I will always have your back…”
When Malaika said she was ‘single’
The couple caught the attention of netizens in December last year when Malaika Arora sparked breakup rumors with Arjun Kapoor. The actress appeared on a dance reality show where Farah Khan asked her if she is thinking of getting married again as the new year is approaching. Malaika’s answer seemed to imply that she was single and open to remarriage. This statement came a few days after her ex-husband’s incident. Arbaaz Khanmarried makeup artist Sshura Khan.
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