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Brothers Ashmit Patel And Ameesha Patel She frequently made headlines for her tumultuous relationships. In a new interview with Siddharth Kannan, Ashmit He opened up about his relationship with Ameesha, revealing that they do not share an intimate relationship. However, he also emphasized that his sister will always be there for him in times of need.
When asked whether Ameesha Impressed by the men in her life, Ashmit said, “I definitely think so.But look, everyone is a mature adult. Everyone has their own brain. Everyone has the free will to think and perceive what they hear and are influenced by. And so I don’t blame anyone. Yes, I hold a bit of a grudge against some people, especially for the way they treat me. “I was close to some of them and they could talk to me about what was going on in his head instead of pushing him in a certain direction.”
Ashmit also shared his experience of being evicted from a big film and how he coped with it. “We weren’t actually talking about it. My parents were in a very bad mental state, and putting more pressure on them wouldn’t work. I had to support them and deal with it all on my own, like anyone else, so I faced it alone,” he shared, adding that he had yet to meet added. Vikram BhattThe director for whom he has been working as an assistant director for 20-25 years. For those unfamiliar, the filmmaker publicly dated Ameesha for five years and they broke up in 2008 when the movie 1920 was released.

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When asked about his current relationship with Ameesha, Ashmit said, “Ameesha is my sister. We love each other. We stay in touch sometimes but we do not share a very close relationship. But I love her. She is mine. And I am always there for her, I think she knows that too.”

Earlier, Ashmit had congratulated Ameesha on her success. Gadar 2 He stated that he always preferred to keep his private life private.

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