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After completing the morning shoot in Mumbai, Sara Ali Khan joined Sharmila Tagore recently in the capital. The ever poised Sharmila Tagore had a fun partner in Sara Ali Khan as they talked about their careers and wish lists. During a series of questions in early January, Sharmila Tagore joked that she wanted to wear five-inch heels on the red carpet like Soha. At one point, the grandmother-grandson duo had some disagreements over which teenage heartthrob could be cast opposite Sharmila Tagore. if the latter were to star in a romantic comedy. While Sara was thinking Ranbir Kapoor It would be a stylish option against him bad butSharmila said, “Maybe Ranveer (Singh)!” said. Here’s a brief look at everything that happened…
Sharmila Tagore recommendation If Sara had to make a biopic about him
Sharmila quipped, “I shouldn’t copy my hairstyle. But you have to do it because it’s registered. You poor thing! Nandita Das copies me very well. I think Sara will do it in her own way. Give me a few years, hopefully then I’ll be around to teach more manners.” ” “It will take a lot of grace,” Sara replied. Sharmila Tagore quipped: “You haven’t seen my old movies. “There were many scenes where I said, Sara replied warmly: “Yes, but in a graceful way.”
Sharmila Tagore said of her idea of ​​a life well-lived: “Sometimes I am troubled by the thought: ‘Ah! God, if something happens to me and the people I love aren’t with me, I won’t be able to see them for the last time. It’s a terrible thought, but sometimes all you want is to be loved by your family. But this won’t happen unless you improve your relationships. Relationships require nurturing, kindness, a little forgetfulness, and letting things go. “A little memory loss can be a good thing.”
Talking about her bond with Sharmila Tagore, Sara said, “Ek hota hai, you are there in the good times – Pataudi gaye aur phuljhariyan jalayi, ya London gaye aur Hyde Park mein Ibrahim ki chocolate churayi. Wow, hello. But when things get bad in life and you need someone (he I went through a time in my life where I needed support and it was there for me. It’s times like these that you realize the true value of relationships. My mom and dad don’t live together, but there is a very good equation that my grandmother shares with my mom. “I respect her immensely. My mother doesn’t have parents, but I know that if something happens to me or Ibrahim, she won’t be alone because she will be there, that’s all.”
He added: “He gives me advice on how to manage a lot of things; my life, social media. I think kindness, a sense of balance, taking things seriously but not being too obsessive; these are constant reminders. But he taught me these things not only because he is an actor himself, but also because he is an extremely balanced person.”
The bikini story has never been forgotten: Sharmila Tagore
Sharmila Tagore recalled: “It was a Filmfare cover. There were many negative comments as well as positive comments. It created a lot of excitement, so there was a lot of learning. I thought I looked really nice in this costume. It would be weird if I wore it now. My then director Shakti ji (Samanta) called and said we needed to do some damage control. It’s not really damage control, but I decided to change my image. I realized that this eye-catching image wouldn’t stay in people’s minds forever. So, if you make room in people’s hearts not only as a flamboyant individual but also as a human being, they may be more loyal to you. I have carefully selected the films I have chosen such as Aradhana and Amar Prem. Of course, the bikini story was never forgotten. At one time this was frowned upon and then it became a very feminine and feminist thing. I thought I had a good physique and wanted to show it off. I still feel there is nothing wrong. However, it is necessary to learn that you do not live on an island; “We need to live together.”
For a while, the idea appeared on magazine covers, now it changes every day: Sara
Sara added: “No matter what age or stage we are at, it is very important to have a strong sense of self and not seek external validation. As an actor, I love my audience. My parents taught me that when you love, you will be loved. But it is not the same here (with the audience) .What’s worse is hota hai jab aapko yahan le jate hain aur phir yahan le aate hain (pointing out the highs and lows). It’s not even about movies anymore. There was a time when it was an idea on magazine covers, then it was on the Friday box office. “Today I did something good, people love me; tomorrow I did something bad, people write me off. That’s why I think it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people; otherwise everything can be very scary.”
When Sara was asked who she thought would star opposite Sharmila Tagore in a modern romantic comedy, she replied: “Ranbir Kapoor. I think you need quality to act opposite Badi Amma. When Sharmila Tagore nodded in disapproval, Sara said: “So who do you want Ranveer Singh? Sharmila Tagore replied, “Why not?” Sara joked, “So Ranveer Singh This. There’s another DP in the house!”
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