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Sonu Nigam, the beloved playback singer of the Indian film industry, has not only mesmerized us with soulful tunes but has also played an important role in reshaping the music landscape. In a recent candid interview with Bollywood Hungama, Nigam revealed the time when music companies despised him and his larger objective of joining the industry.

rocky road to stardom

Reflecting on his journey, Sonu Nigam admits the inevitable fear of new-age singers overtaking him. He candidly admitted, “It was inevitable because I upset a lot of people.” His audacity came from his continued pursuit of justice under the Copyright Act, which did not sit well with the music companies.

A fight for copyright

The corporation’s principled stance on copyright protection had led to disagreements with music labels. He commented, “I stood up for copyright, so of course, the music companies hated me. Who’s going to bell the cat? I was the bell they wanted to put on.” His unwavering commitment meant he had to be prepared for the consequences.

face the consequences

Knowing the risks, Nigam further said, “If you stand for a cause, you have to face its consequences as well.” He speculated that his activism could result in music companies cutting his songs and resorting to dubbing by other artistes, with clear instructions: ‘Don’t let Sonu sing, ban him.’

A vision for change

Despite the obstacles, Nigam remained steadfast in his vision of reforming the music industry. He announced, “I am here to bring change to the music industry. I was born for this purpose.” His aim was not only to sing but also to bring positive change. With the completion of the Copyright Act, the Corporation has witnessed a pleasant change.

a harmonious harmony

Nigam shared, “Finally, music companies and singers have started being friendly with each other. Everyone is living in harmony.” His tireless efforts bore fruit, leading to friendship between music companies and the choir.

ultimate sacrifice

In a remarkable display of commitment, the corporation emphasized that such change requires sacrifice. That he decided to make this sacrifice at the peak of his career shows his unwavering dedication towards the cause.

Sonu Nigam’s journey from being an outcast in the industry to being a change maker exemplifies the power of conviction and the pursuit of justice. As he continues to captivate hearts with his melodious voice, he has left behind a lasting legacy of resilience and change in the music industry.

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