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Recently during Bigg Boss 17 episode, another heated argument broke out between Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande. Vicky said that his wife makes him look bad in real life also. Bigg Boss 17’s Vicky Jain slammed Ankita Lokhande for her misinterpretation in the recent episode.

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Vicky Jain tells that because of Ankita Lokhande his friends turned away from him.

During the fight, Vicky Jain got furious as Ankita Lokhande asked him why he was eating dinner with Mannara Chopra in the Dil Room. Vicky gets embarrassed by Ankita’s negative reaction in front of Mannara. Vicky picked up the plate and left the room. Vicky told Ankita that she has always been like this in real life also. She claimed that because she isolated people from her life, she lost her friends as a result of their fear of interacting with her. Vicky scolds Ankita and says, ‘You have always embarrassed me.’

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Since the beginning of Bigg Boss 17, Ankita has been vocal about her husband Vicky saying that she is not getting enough attention. Ankita has told Vicky on several occasions that he does not care for his wife, but he cares for Mannara a lot. Isha, and others. In tonight’s episode, Ankita thought that her husband does not have time to understand her, and Vicky was worried about Mannara’s feelings.

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after the fight

Vicky informs Ankita that Mannara should not talk to Munawar Faruqui and will not talk to him if he has any problem after the heated argument. He said, Munavvar is like a brother to Ankita. Jain, on the other hand, stressed that they should avoid talking to the person who is causing trouble to their partner. Later Ankita realized her mistake and expressed regret to Vicky.

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Bigg Boss 17 Vicky Jain lashes out at Ankita Lokhande

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