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‘Animal’, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, has sparked outrage over its depiction of toxic masculinity and misogynistic behavior towards women. From its announcement till the tenth day of its release, the film has been making waves in the Bollywood columns with its content.

One of the many problematic scenes in the film ‘Animal’ that is being discussed a lot is Bobby Deol’s marital rape scene with Mansi Taxak, who played his third wife in the film. In his recent interview, Bobby narrated his experience of shooting the rape scene. He said that ever since he heard about Abrar, he knew that he could do a lot in this without even speaking a word. He believes that playing a silent character gave a kind of energy to his character. “It brought something out inside me,” he said.

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She further said that she felt safe working with Sandeep Reddy Vanga while shooting the scenes with Mansi. He said, “I had no hesitation when I was performing. I was just portraying this character, who is like an evil man, and that’s how he treats his women; He is like that. And that’s how I portrayed it.”

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Recently, Mansi Takshak also dismissed the issue saying, “It was a fitting way to establish Bobby’s character and show the audience that they can’t expect the villain to be worse than Ranbir Kapoor’s character.” can do.” After the successful release of the film, Mansi had put up a touching post on Instagram for Bobby Deol about how he ensured that she was comfortable. His post read, “@iambobbydeol sir you are truly a legend. You made me so comfortable on the set that it became so easy to share the screen with you. You are not only a great actor but an even better human being. Sir, you absolutely deserve the title of ‘Lord Bobby’.

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Bobby Deol opens up about martial rape scene in Animal
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