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On September 15, 1959, India’s public service broadcaster, Doordarshan, was launched in New Delhi. Celebrating the occasion, Tinka Tinka Jail Radio released its 72nd episode, dedicated to the music repository being created in various prisons through Tinka Jail Radio, especially District Jail, Dehradun and District Jail, Sonipat. Dr Suchit Narang, Rohit Verma and Arun and three other prisoners lodged in District Jail, Dehradun, Joginder Verma, Vinod Thapa and Sudhir Tiwari, have lent their voices in this episode of Tinka Jail Radio Podcast, the only podcast. Bharat is conceived, scripted and narrated by Dr. Vartika Nanda, an Indian prison reformer and media educator.

Research on prison music and tinka prison radio:

The research for this podcast is conducted by Tinka Tinka Prison Research Cell, which was established in the year 2022 with the aim of analyzing the role of Tinka Prison Radio in prison reforms. Although the episode is based on the progress and impact of Prison Radio in DJ, Dehradun, it also mentions the international conference held in Barcelona, ​​Spain from September 6-8, 2023. Dr. Vartika Nanda, Founder of Tinka Tinka Foundation, presented a detailed paper on “Music on Prison Radio: Impact of Tinka Prison Radio on Prisoners in Sonipat Jail, Haryana, India” at the conference. The presentation started with the tune of Dr. Suchit Narang. Prison radio was also discussed in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Contents on Prison Radio:

Tinka Jail Radio in Dehradun broadcasts a variety of programs like ‘Aap Kahen, Hum Sune’, which gives prisoners an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. The programs cover a wide spectrum of interests such as yoga, spirituality and culture. Every Wednesday ‘Wednesday Special’ is presented by female prisoners. The duration of prison radio is 3 hours. It airs every morning from 9:00-10:30 am and 3:00-4:30 pm.

‘Hello Farmaish’ is a favorite segment of prison radio. This section plays songs requested by prisoners. RJ Arun mentions that prisoners request songs of different genres such as Punjabi, Hindi and even sometimes romance songs with a touch of sadness. The most requested singers include Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Mukesh. The radio caters to 20-25 song requests every day.

Tinka Tinka Jingle:

Prison Radio begins with a jingle that has been composed in prison. It has become a symbol of positivity and hope in the prison premises. 3 prisoners came forward to share how the music played by prison radio in general and jingles in particular brought about a change in their lives and inspired them to join prison radio. The jingle became the reason why these prisoners learned instruments, started taking music lessons and formed an orchestra in the prison.

Add: Tinka Tinka Prison Radio. Episode 71. Music on Prison Radio. District Jail, Sonipat: Vartika Nanda – YouTube

These podcasts are available on YouTube and Spotify.

(It is released by Tinka Jail Research Cell established in 2021).

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