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David Corenswets full look as Superman revealed in LEAKED set.cms

The first photographs of Superman and Lois Lane they are here!
The excitement reached new heights on Tuesday morning when photos from the sets of ‘Superman’ were leaked online. Set photos gave fans a full look for the first time David Corenswet in a superhero costume. The 30-year-old actor was seen next to Edi Gathegi on the set. Mr. Terrific.

As filming progressed, fans were treated to a video of Corenswet filming a scene amid the debris.Donning the iconic suit and cape for the new film directed by James Gunn, which was previously titled ‘Superman: Legacy’ and has now been renamed simply ‘Superman’, the actor was seen striking the iconic pose.

Adding to the excitement, fans couldn’t keep calm when the first images emerged. Rachel Brosnahan Lois Lane also appeared online in costume. ‘The Marvelous Mrs. The Emmy-winning actress, known for her role in ‘Maisel’, was spotted filming a dramatic accident scene with Corenswet. The scene involved Superman assisting the armed forces following a crash possibly involving an airplane.
Brosnahan was seen exiting the plane with Wendell Pierce, who plays Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White.

Also seen on the site Nicholas Hoult playing super villain, Lex Luthor.
Before filming began, Brosnahan was seen walking around with a cape covering her costume. However, when the actors took off their black robes to start filming their scenes, the paparazzi from the site moved away.
The highly anticipated film, which promises to bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to the beloved superhero saga, is scheduled to be released on July 11, 2025.

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