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Former actor and ex-girlfriend of Salman Khan, Somi Ali recently created a stir by praising Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. Somi Ali hailed Deepika as a ‘real hero’ for advocating mental health awareness. While acknowledging the importance of mental health awareness, Somi Ali’s comments have sparked controversy, leading to closer scrutiny of the dynamics of the game.

praise and controversy

Somi Ali shared a picture of Deepika Padukone on her official social media account and praised her for her work in raising awareness about mental health. While advocating for mental health is undoubtedly a commendable cause, Somi Ali’s praise for Deepika has also not been without controversy.

an unusual comparison

In her post, Somi Ali praised Deepika for her talent, intelligence and courage, calling her a ‘real hero’. However, comparisons to Deepika Padukone and Somi Ali’s previous romantic involvements with Salman Khan raise eyebrows. The choice of words and timing of the post have left many questioning the motives behind this public praise.

Is it real or calculated?

The question on many minds is whether Somi Ali’s praise of Deepika Padukone is a genuine appreciation of her work in mental health advocacy or a calculated move to garner attention and potentially rekindle an old relationship . The use of terms like ‘real hero’ implies a direct comparison with other Bollywood celebrities who may have faced similar challenges.

The Complexity of Mental Health Advocacy

While mental health advocacy is an important issue that deserves recognition and support, it is essential to approach it with honesty and sensitivity. Using such a platform to draw attention to past relationships and create controversy can undermine the genuine efforts of individuals like Deepika Padukone.


Somi Ali’s praise for Deepika Padukone’s mental health advocacy has sparked debate about the authenticity of such public statements. While the importance of raising awareness about mental health cannot be denied, it is important to have genuine intentions and focus on the topic rather than personal interests or controversies. As public figures, both Deepika Padukone and Somi Ali should continue their respective efforts in mental health advocacy with sincerity and dedication, and keep this issue above all else.

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