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Did you know that Kartik Aaryan lost 18 kilos for.cms

Kartik Aaryan headlinerChandu Champion‘ It hit the screens on Friday and the movie opened with a good number at the box office. Despite the numbers, Kartik is being praised for his incredible physical transformation in the film. Played by Kartik Aaryan in ‘Chandu Champion’ Murlikant Petkaropening of india Paralympic gold medalist.
Kartik trained extensively with boxing trainer Tridev Pandey for his role and lost. 18 kilos.Talking about the same, Tridev had earlier told ETimes, “Since he plays a boxer in the film and has fought many boxers, we started with the basics. He needed the body of a boxer with speed, strength and agility. So I trained him like a boxer trains before a fight. First.” “He would take off his shirt many times because Kartik’s body fat was 39 percent. Freddy’s weight had reached 90 kg. We reduced it to 72 kg naturally, without using steroids.”
Talking about Kartik’s dedication to routine, Tridev added: “Kartik was very supportive of me in training, he was eager to learn everything. He wasn’t very good at jumping but now he has learned 14-15 jumping styles. Kartik, who couldn’t even do a single push-up, had 50 weights on his back.” -He pushed himself really hard until he could do push-ups after putting on 60kg plates which made the trainer’s job easier. Kartik’s birthday was in November and most of his Bollywood friends who attended the celebration knew that he was on a diet and cut him the healthy cakes. “He didn’t eat a single piece. I had to go up to him and tell him to eat, but he did it anyway. I’ve never seen anyone like him in my 17 years of experience.”
‘Chandu Champion’ opened with Rs 4.75 million at the box office.

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