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Disha Parmar shares the first glimpse of her newborn baby girl in the hospital on Rahul Vaidya’s birthday.

Along with his newborn daughter, Rahul Vaidya is currently busy with his fatherly responsibilities. Apart from this, the actress also shared an adorable picture of the proud father and his adorable baby boy. Rahul and Disha recently celebrated their first Daughters Day with their newborn, and it’s too adorable to ignore.

Disha Parmar shares Rahul Vaidya’s picture with her newborn daughter

On September 25, 2023, Disha Parmar posted a picture of herself holding her husband Rahul Vaidya’s newborn daughter in her arms. In the photo, a loving look can be seen on the face of the newborn baby girl and her father is looking at her lovingly. The baby was wearing a beautiful green colored headgear and a white anchor motif onesie. Unforgettable, the image shows how much father and daughter love each other.

Disha Parmar posted an equally heartfelt text below the photo to explain the nuances of the candid shot. The first-time mother claimed that it was taken at midnight when Rahul celebrated his first birthday as a father in the hospital. Disha wrote about her feelings about the glow on the newbie father’s face.

“Too late to the party.. but this picture has a thousand emotions! Clicked at 12.. Celebrate your first birthday as a father in the hospital and look at that face of yours!!! I hope your happiness continues to grow and your face continues to shine like this.. always and forever! I love you beyond words.”

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar seen in public for the first time with their newborn baby

Disha Parmar and her husband Rahul Vaidya were seen leaving the hospital with their newborn daughter that day on September 23, 2023. Rahul was seen wearing a white T-shirt and denim jeans, while the first-time mother wore printed jeans. -Orda set out and displayed her radiant beauty. Rahul was seen holding his daughter in his lap, who was wrapped in a white dress. Rahul spoke to photographers outside the hospital and expressed happiness over the arrival of his daughter on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Click to watch the video Here,

Rahul Vaidya told how he felt when he held his daughter in his lap for the first time

Rahul Vaidya spoke openly about the joy of becoming a father in an interview given to Hindustan Times. He also described his feelings when he held his daughter in his arms for the first time. The first-time father admitted that it was a difficult time for him and he felt numb for a while. He also said that he used to cry whenever he saw his daughter when she was a child. He further said that he still feels overwhelmed as the feeling of becoming a father is still hitting home.

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