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Bollywood celebrities often find themselves in difficult situations from which they cannot easily escape. A similar situation recently happened with actress Disha Patani. She had gone out for dinner with friends and upon leaving she found herself surrounded by a group of children. Disha had to struggle to get out of the crowd. This incident happened when Disha was leaving Krishna Shroff at his car and was going towards her car. Thankfully, his bodyguard came to his aid, helping him escape from the crowd.

Disha Patani surrounded by group of children

Dressed in a gray crop top and short skirt during the dinner outing, Disha Patani kept her hair open and carried a handbag. A video capturing this moment of his surrounded by children quickly went viral on social media. People had mixed reactions to the behavior of the children.

It is clearly visible in the video that the children suddenly came near Disha, pulled her hair and even tried to hold her hand. Remarkably, Disha remained calm and smiling during the entire situation. Eventually, his bodyguard came to his aid.

checkout video;

People appreciated him for handling the situation peacefully

While some people criticized the behavior of the children, they also praised Disha’s calm nature. One user noted that Disha handled the situation well but pointed out that it could be seen as public teasing, which highlights a lack of respect for personal space. Another user appreciated Disha’s gracious response, but stressed that just because the persons involved were children, it is not appropriate to invade someone’s personal space.

In short, Disha Patani faced a challenging situation when she was surrounded by kids after a dinner outing. While some praised her restraint, others criticized the intrusion into her personal space, highlighting the importance of respecting boundaries regardless of age.

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