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Actress and reality TV star Divya Aggarwal always makes headlines for her love life. She first made headlines by breaking up with choreographer Priyank Sharma on national television. After that, she was in a long-term live-in relationship with actor Varun Sood and shocked everyone with their separation. Now the actress is engaged to businessman Apoorva Padgaonkar. She is soon becoming the host of the upcoming OTT show KINK (Kiss Ishq N Connections).

Divya Agarwal talks about the importance of intimacy

In a recent interview with Free Press Journal, Divya talked about her evolution from being a participant to becoming a host. She also opened up on the importance of engaging in dialogue regarding physical intimacy between partners.

Speaking about her hosting duties, the reality TV star said that she feels a different sense of responsibility. She shared that she was expecting less from herself. But when he was put on that post, he did the right thing. Divya said that it is her originality and authenticity that keeps her going. She has never been afraid to say things as they are. She is not afraid to differentiate between black, brown and white.

Furthermore, the actress highlighted the importance of discussing compatibility as it is supposed to be. He opined:

“The problem with our society is that women are not encouraged to embrace their sexual desire. People don’t engage in conversation and there is often a lot of hesitation associated with the topic. A woman often hesitates to tell her husband that something is missing between them and that they should seek help. But they hardly realize that intimacy, compatibility and touch are important for making a relationship work. In fact, these are the only factors that matter.”

About Kink (Kiss Ishq N Connections)

KINK (Kiss Ishq N Connections) is a dating reality show that revolves around testing the compatibility levels between participating couples. Its purpose is to bridge the communication gap that often arises in such situations. The show airs on Atrangi Super app.

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