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Donald Glover embraces comparisons to influencer Jordan Howlett in humorous new clip | Vopbuzz.com

Donald Glover has leaned into comparisons between himself and influencer Jordan Howlett, following a trend started by Method Man. On Saturday (July 6), Glover took over Howlett’s Instagram page, mimicking the influencer’s mannerisms and engaging in a comedic exchange about their matching outfits and similarities fans have noticed in Howlett’s previous posts. The duo even referenced a viral moment when BET Awards host Taraji P. Henson mistook Howlett for fellow foodie Keith Lee.

In a similar vein, Method Man and Jordan Howlett have previously joked about their similarities. In a February Instagram video, the two responded to fans’ comments about their similarities. Howlett, who rose to fame on TikTok after becoming homeless, began the clip by saying, “This article said Method Man’s older brother shares secret recipes. First of all, we’re not related. And people don’t believe me every time I say this, so at this point I brought Method Man here so he can tell you we’re not related.” Method Man, who appeared in a similar outfit, humorously added, “I mean, even though we look a little similar, he looks like a more intense version of me. There’s no connection between us.”

The video continues with Howlett trying to shut down the rumors by saying, “We may not be related, but I can’t perform at a high level like him and he doesn’t have a secret recipe book like me.” Method Man then reveals his own secret recipe book and recites a recipe for Little Caesar’s crazy bread, mimicking Howlett’s style and leaving the influencer confused.

Since its release, the clip has received nearly nine million views on Instagram and nearly four million views on TikTok.

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