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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra often makes headlines for her activities, be it going on trips with her daughter or spending time with her nephew. Their pictures together keep going viral on social media. However, recently Madhu Chopra got embroiled in controversies and the reason behind this is her choice of clothes.

Madhu Chopra was seen in a transparent black top

Some time ago, the paparazzi captured Madhu Chopra chatting with one of her friends. During this conversation, she was wearing loose-fitting pajamas with a transparent black top. What caught people’s attention and caused trolling was that when the camera light fell on her, the black top became somewhat transparent, allowing her figure and undergarments to be visible. Many people did not like this transparency and criticized him for it. Some people even started calling it obscene.

get trolled a lot

Various reactions emerged on this incident. One person commented, “I thought her fashion sense was improving with age, but she proved me wrong.” Another user criticized it, calling it “the height of obscenity”. Let us tell you that Madhu Chopra, along with being the mother of Priyanka Chopra, is also a doctor and a successful businesswoman. He has also ventured into film production. It is noteworthy that recently he was seen attending Parineeti Chopra’s wedding.

checkout video;

some even supported him

Although there were many who trolled him but there were also some who supported him. One user wrote, “Perhaps even he doesn’t know that it looks like this.” While another, while criticizing trolls, said, “How negative people have become these days.”

Well, in the world of Bollywood, where celebrities often face scrutiny and judgment, Madhu Chopra’s incident is a reminder of the challenges that even family members may face due to their public appearances. It’s important to remember that individuals, regardless of their age, deserve respect and privacy, and we should focus on celebrating their accomplishments rather than dwelling on wardrobe mishaps.

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