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Fardeen Khan took a 12 year break from Bollywood I decided.cms

Actor Fardin KhanThe actor, who was last seen in the movie ‘Dulha Değirmen Gaya’ in 2010, is preparing to make a comeback with his new movie. Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘OTT series’Heeramandi‘. will portray his character. Nawab Wali Muhammad in the series. In an interview before its release, the actor explained why he decided to take a break from the film.
Fardeen revealed the reason for taking a break from Bollywood in an interview with Bollywood Bubble. He posted: “Aap keh nahi sakte zindagi mein kis mod pe kya hota hai. Isse pehle 2010 mein meri aakhiri released Dulha Mil Gaya. Among our personal reasons, we want to achieve 2-3 successes to break this industry. Mujhe apnea family pe concentrate karna tha. We found that young people paid more at ages 6 and 8. Then it got longer and I became a full-time father.”
He also added that he was happy to do this, but he missed being a part of the profession he chose, the profession he grew up doing, watching and learning. Many things have changed during these twelve years; The audience has evolved and the way movies are made has changed. The actor stated that he returned with the excitement of a newcomer and worked with the same attitude.
Talking about his future plans, the actor said, “Although I am excited and nervous, I am also curious about what kind of roles the directors and writers will offer me after seeing my work. It is not very often that you can take a break for such a long time and still be remembered and get an opportunity. With a whole new generation of moviegoers.” “I am excited for my children to see my work because I will meet them.”

Emotional Fardeen Khan describes his comeback after 14 years with ‘Heeramandi’ as follows: ‘Coming back to the big screen at my age…’

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