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‘Chandu Champion‘, sports drama this sign Kartik AaryanFirst collaboration with Kabir KhanIt is scheduled to be released on June 14. The film is inspired by his life. Murlikant PetkarIndia’s first Paralympic gold medalist.
The first evaluation of the film came from those who watched the film at the special screening hosted by Kabir Khan.Viewers shared their decision on social media. While Sumit Kadel called ‘Chandu Champion’ one of the best films of 2024, Siddharth Kannan wrote: “Calling this as @TheAaryanKartik’s best performance would be an understatement. Just like #MurlikantPetkar ji, he too braved all odds and left an indelible mark with his performance in the film.”
Sumit Kadel wrote on X: “#ChanduChampion is one of the best movies of 2024. An accurately shot sports drama that chronicles the remarkable and legendary life of Murlikant Petkar. Director Kabir Khan tells his story with great skill, research and most importantly, honesty without going overboard. In the film, every episode of Murlikant Petkar’s life, full of heroism, bravery and courage, is examined. We see his journey from his village to the military, to becoming a world-class boxer, battling injuries, and eventually achieving success at the Paralympic Games. Her story is incredibly inspiring, emotional and powerful. #KartikAaryan gives his best performance in this movie. The transformation in her body is extraordinary and she looks like a real athlete from head to toe. Kartik’s emotional performance rather than his physical transformation really stands out. There are many scenes in the movie that will make people cry with his acting. It is certain that he will be nominated for the best actor award this year. #VijayRaaz has given a strong endorsement and the kid playing Kartik’s version of Young is amazing. The first half of the movie is excellent, while the second half is a bit slow and tense at times. However, the last 20 minutes make up for these shortcomings. The highlights of Chandu Champion are the boxing matches and the fantastic battle scenes right before the intermission. Overall, Chandu Champion is a very honest film with a beautiful story, direction, screenplay and many inspiring moments. Thanks to the producer Sajid Nadiadwala “For giving the film the scale and grandeur it deserves.”

On the other hand, Siddharth Kannan wrote, “#ChanduChampion… Calling this @TheAaryanKartik’s best performance would be an understatement. Just like #MurlikantPetkar ji, he too stood up against all odds and left an indelible mark with his performance in the film. #VijayRaaz, no one could have been a better mentor than you in the film Apna Murli. #KabirKhan packs a punch with yet another blockbuster. #Kartik, have you shut down everyone you once called #HastaKaykoHai?”

Ramesh Bala tweeted, “#ChanduChampion Review: Kabir Khan is back to full form with this movie. Emotions, actions, drama, relationships, motivation and unexpectedly impressive performances. The movie sticks in your mind. Kartik Aaryan deserves a standing ovation. An extremely watchable movie 🍿 full Paisa vasool.”

While watching the movie, some viewers who were invited to the private screening were also seen crying. Sharing the same video on Instagram, Kartik wrote: “The first screening of Chandu Champion with Adam. An evening of honour, joy and tears with the REAL CHAMPION. The man who refused to surrender Mr. MURLIKANT PETKAR.”
The movie Kabir Khan is based on the life and events of Petkar, the first Paralympic gold medalist who bravely faced every obstacle life threw at him. The lead role has been written by Kartik Aaryan.

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