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Shahid Kapoor was being photographed at Ambani’s Ganesh Puja when Pandya brothers Hardik and Krunal photobombed him. The Ambani family celebrated the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi with much pomp and show at their lavish home, Antilla. Many B-Town celebs were present at the event which was attended by a star-studded crowd. Shahid Kapoor also participated in desi attire on this occasion. The actor looked good in blue and white kurta pajama.

Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya took Shahid’s photo

Shahid Kapoor adopted a stylish pose for the photographers stationed outside Ambani’s house. While Shahid was posing, the Pandya brothers, Krunal and Hardik, as well as Ishan Kishan were walking behind him, completely unaware that he was doing so. When Hardik and Krunal realized that they were interfering with Shahid’s photo, they tried to leave the place. Shahid, along with Hardik and Krunal, handled the unpleasant situation with a smile.

Netizens praise Shahid Kapoor for handling the awkward moment

As soon as the video was posted on social media, users started discussing it and showed how Shahid handled Hardik and Krunal’s awkward photobombing. One of the users wrote, “Glad they all handled an awkward moment very maturely.” Another commented, “These people were busy taking photos… they didn’t even notice that Shahid Kapoor was already there.” Teahey Look Video click here.

A few days ago, Shahid Kapoor had an argument with the paparazzi. The actor and his wife Mira Rajput were waiting for their car to arrive after the event, when it was Shahid’s half-brother Ruhaan Kapoor’s wedding. But as soon as they saw the actor, photographers started calling his name and requesting him to take pictures. As they started shouting loudly, Shahid got angry and was seen scolding them for this. Click Here For video.

A few days ago, Shahid Kapoor shared some behind-the-scenes pictures of Ruhaan getting ready for the wedding on his Instagram account. The actor looked very attractive wearing a black kurta with a turban on his head. In one of the pictures, Shahid was standing with his father Pankaj Kapoor, who was wearing similar clothes. The devoted son sent a note after posting the pictures and mentioned that his father had asked him to wear the pegs at the family wedding. His note can be understood as: “Father always says ghar par shaadi hogi to pag pega na.”

On the professional front, Shahid Kapoor was last seen in his film Bloody Daddy.

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