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Popular actress Saba Azad opened up about the criticism she received for dating actor Hrithik Roshan and how she dealt with it.

Saba Azad opens up about getting hate for dating Hrithik Roshan

Saba Azad in an interview with India Today opened up about the online abuse she endured over her relationship with Hrithik Roshan. Speaking about the same, the actress said that it took her some time to understand how to ignore trolls. He further said that at times he wondered if he had hurt someone. Elaborating further, Saba said:

“It took me a long time to come to a place where I treated everything else as white noise because the hate is so obvious. I am not made of stone, I attack you. You feel like crap. There come days when you wake up and think, what did I do to someone? What wrong had I done to you? I am living my life, you live your life. Why are you waiting for my blood?”

During the same interview, Saba also revealed that she is a very private person. The actress admitted that the attention she was getting as a result of her relationship with Hrithik was initially intimidating. Saba continued by saying that she felt exposed: “I am a very private person. Everyone around me will confirm this. I barely go out; I like to stay at home. So, it was very difficult in the beginning. it was scary. I will not lie. I felt exposed in a way I had never felt before.”

Saba Azad expressed her views on paparazzi culture

Saba also opened up about the paparazzi culture and said that with time she has come to understand them and what they do. The diva said that there is a section of the population that is interested in knowing about celebrities and their lifestyle, and the paparazzi are giving them what they want to know. His words are:

“However, you understand and empathize that I may not relate to paparazzi culture, but the person taking the photo is doing their job. There are some people out there who are curious about other people’s lives. He’s filling that spot. I am present and doing my work.

When Saba spoke openly about the constant scrutiny on her love life

Saba had earlier revealed about her friendship with Hrithik Roshan in an interview given to News18. During the conversation, when she was asked whether the constant questions asked about her relationship with Hrithik bothered her, she replied that it does. Saba further said, she prefers to ignore criticism as it is a necessary component of being a public figure.

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