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Ileana DCruz feels she is not getting her due in.cms

Ileana D’CruzHe is known for his role alongside Vidya Balan inside “Do Aur Do Pyaar,” expressed his feelings about not being recognized enough in the industry.
In a recent interview with India Today, Ileana D’Cruz opened up about whether she believes in this incident or not. undervalued in the industry. He stated that his efforts were not fully recognized, much of his work went unnoticed, but he was unsure of the reasons behind this.

Ileana also talked about her personal life regarding her son Koa Phoenix Dolan and partner Michael Dolan.

He also touched on the mother’s feelings of guilt. D’Cruz, who welcomed his son in 2023, shared that it was difficult but he believed: mother guilt It never really falls apart.

Ileana D’Cruz writes a note on coping with postpartum depression; ‘Some days were incredibly difficult,’ he says

Describing a recent incident, D’Cruz described a moment when her child was crying in the backseat on the way home. He pulled over, consoled her and tried to calm her down. But as soon as I placed her back in her car seat, she continued to cry.

Although D’Cruz is often reserved about her personal life, she spoke candidly about her partner. She got emotional thinking about his support. Approving of her marriage to Michael, she stated, “Married life is going great. It’s really hard to say what I love most about him. I’m going to have to really think because every time I come up with an answer, it’s like, there’s something else that you know is going to eclipse that the next day.”

Describing his partner’s role in his life, D’Cruz admitted that Dolan was there for him in both his hardest and happiest moments. He emphasized her unwavering support and love throughout.

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