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Former actor Imran Khan has posted another Instagram update discussing his struggle with negative body image.

Since retiring from acting, Imran Khan has been reminiscing about his time spent in Bollywood. In his most recent entry, he said that he was attracted to the muscular physiques of male celebrities and that he had faced constant criticism for his short stature.

persistent loss of body mass

Imran, in his writings, said that he has always been a person of short stature, which disqualifies him from becoming a Bollywood icon. He further said, “My metabolic rate is high. Therefore, my body processes the food I eat efficiently. What a terrible disease, oh no! In my teenage years, all the friends I knew started going to the gym. As his biceps began to grow, his T-shirt sleeves began to bulge. She described her build thus: “I wore an S-shaped dress, and the sleeves were still loose.”

As he explains, “I was sure I was too thin, which is why Jai usually wore two layers of clothes during Jaane Tu, even though I had to portray Jai Singh Rathore (his role in Jaane Tu Ya There was no need to be important to do so (don’t know). “I started going to the gym for my next film Kidnap and that’s when I started my bodybuilding experience,” he said.

rude criticisms

His comments and the audience’s reactions to the film they had just seen were priceless. In the following years, I prioritized regular bodywork and maintenance. Although he worked out often, he still received comments like “You look like a little boy, not a man,” “You look weak,” and “The heroine looks older than you” (pain for both of us). .

used steroid-based medications

Imran then revealed all the things he had eaten and used to build his body, including steroids. Looking back I realize that I had good looks, but I was self-conscious back then. My goal was to build a strong and heroic body. That’s why I worked harder. A proper diet of six meals a day, totaling four thousand calories, is as important as exercise. Even though I eat well (chicken breasts, egg whites, sweet potatoes, oats, flax seeds), my biceps still don’t look like the heroes I’ve seen on TV. Anabolic steroids, whey protein, creatine, glutamine, L-carnitine… and finally, even whey protein and whey protein powder,” he explained. The actor admitted there would be “shock and awe” at the mere hint of steroid use. He said that if we accept that part out loud then the illusion will be broken.

To thin photos: a response

Imran said he faced online bullying and abuse after pictures of him looking thinner than usual went viral. “Over the past several years, I have become thinner than ever due to my depression and lack of exercise. After I was photographed, my health and possible drug use were discussed in the media. I was stunned to think that someone would see me in such a pitiful state. So I retreated even more,” he explained.

He shared his current situation: “It has been a tough journey, but these days I am doing better than before; I work out with my old friend @tokastraining, who puts my health first and only gives me supplements like walnuts and turmeric… seriously.’ And although I’m still a little jealous of people who look like superheroes, I don’t beat myself up.

Imran has been away from acting for quite some time now, but he recently gave his followers a reason to believe that he will make a comeback in the industry, provided they get enough likes on his Instagram pictures.

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