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Victoria Beckham has opened up about the difficult times of her marriage to David Beckham and addressed his suspected cheating for the first time in a new documentary. continue reading!

On October 4, Netflix released the documentary Beckham, in which Victoria and David Beckham opened up about the most difficult times of their lives.

Victoria opened up about David Beckham’s alleged cheating allegations.

Victoria Beckham has opened up about her personal troubles following her husband David’s alleged cheating, according to The Sun. The great English player also revealed that their relationship was put to the test when he was accused of experiencing a brief affair while playing in Spain in 2003.

“Beckham has consistently denied reports that David had an affair while playing for Real Madrid in 2003. They have just revealed that they are attempting to save their relationship. “It’s been my whole life,” Victoria said. It was the saddest experience I’ve ever had.”

At the time, Victoria was living in England with her two older sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, while David was playing for Real Madrid in Spain. As expected, the distance took its toll on their relationship. Following the rumours, Victoria decided to move to Spain to support David. He said:

“It was the hardest time because it felt like the whole world was against us.” The thing is: If I’m being completely honest, we were at odds with each other. You know, up to Madrid it felt like we were against everyone, but we were together, connected and connected to each other.

Victoria Beckham described her trip to Spain as “a nightmare”. They also expressed how they felt that they did not have each other’s support throughout that moment in life. He said:

“But it didn’t really feel like we were with each other when we were in Spain.” That is unfortunate. I can’t even begin to explain how hard it was and what an impact it had on me. It was a nightmare. It was a complete circus – and who doesn’t love it when the circus comes to town? Unless you join.

The women involved are not named in the documentary, although Rebecca Loos and Sarah Marbach both claimed to be having an affair with David Beckham at the time. Despite the chaos he overcame it. Cruz, their third child, was born in February 2005, about a year after Victoria moved to Spain.

David Beckham on cheating on Victoria.

David Beckham had tears in his eyes as he recalled those difficult times in their relationship during the documentary. “I don’t know how we got through it, Victoria is my everything, so it was very difficult to see her hurt, but we did,” he said in the documentary. Those were the days when we had to fight for each other, for our families.” He added, “And the things we had were worth fighting for.”

We’ve been fighters, and even at that time, we had to fight for ourselves, as well as for our families,” he said, “and the things we had were worth fighting for.” Despite rumors of an affair, David Beckham claimed that he was finding it difficult to work on the football pitch and that he was becoming physically ill every day. However, Victoria and David eventually overcome their difficulties.

Timeline of David Beckham and Victoria’s relationship.

The story of David and Victoria Beckham’s romance is reminiscent of a fairy tale. Their first meeting was in 1997. At the time, Victoria was known as ‘Posh Spice’ of the Spice Girls, while David played for Manchester United.

After a whirlwind affair, they got engaged in 1998. The following year, David and Victoria became parents. Later, in July 1999, the couple got married in Dublin. The couple have four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, and have been married for 24 years. However, his story was not without its problems and scandals.

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