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Janhvi Kapoor recalls smearing egg on her hair and making.cms

Bollywood actor Janhvi Kapoorshares a close bond with her sister Khushi KapoorHe shared a funny anecdote while making a fuss khushi Kapoor’s apartment in New York. Janhvi’s fun behavior angered Khushi too bath looked like a messy corner of a restaurant omelette scattered on the floor of the tub.
At Airbnb 2024 event, Janhvi She revealed that since she travels frequently, maintaining her skin and hair can be very difficult. The diva recalled going to see her sister while she was studying in New York. The actress explained that she often uses fruits or products she finds in skin care or hair care. That day, she opened the refrigerator and discovered avocado, eggs, coconut milk and olive oil.
She shared, “I mixed it and applied it to my hair, then I found strawberries and yoghurt, which are very good for the skin, and I applied it to my face. And I was having a great time. I took my shower and I didn’t realize that I showered with so much hot water that the egg was cooking in my hair. And so there were things mixed up eggs “It was on the floor of the bathtub and there were bits of strawberries everywhere.”
Janhvi Kapoor chose to ignore this mess and spent her day watching television. He also added: “I was watching TV and Khushi went to the toilet and I heard a screaming scream like I don’t know what happened. And she said: ‘Get out of my flat, you made my bathroom look like the back area of ​​a dirty restaurant.’ “That was the last time we shared a room.”
On the work front, Janhvi Kapoor is all set to entertain the audience with her different roles in her upcoming films as she has many interesting projects in her line-up. The actress next starred in films such as ‘Devara’, ‘Ulajh’, ‘Mr. & Miss Mahi’ and ‘Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari’.

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