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Julia Roberts became the talk of the internet thanks to a viral video he interacted with Taylor Swift‘s lover Travis Kelceduring his Ages Tour In Dublin, Ireland.
The 56-year-old actor was spotted in the VIP tent at the Aviva Stadium. In a viral clip, Roberts is seen scratching the NFL star’s chest and rubbing his shoulders as they laugh and chat. Kelce is also seen rubbing Roberts’ arm during the interaction, which has raised many eyebrows.
While viewers couldn’t hear their conversation, an Instagram account called Jackie G helped lip-read the speech. “I’m unusually happy for you and I don’t mean to make you nervous but it makes me so happy,” Julia said in her post. Travis, on the other hand, can be seen laughing and blushing at her words.

Netizens quickly flooded the comments section with their reactions to the post, with some fans comparing Roberts to a supportive mother figure, while others found it “weird.” One said: “Oh my gosh, she’s like a mother… telling her son how happy she is.”
Another added: “A little itch and motherly love from Julia Roberts – she’s as happy for Taylor as we are.”

“Julia Roberts is one of the FEW who can pull this off,” one user noted, while another added, “Julia is old enough to be Trav’s mom. She loves the Chiefs and Taylor. She just tells him how much she loves them. This is so sweet!”
However, not everyone saw the interaction positively. Some viewers thought it was over the top. “Travis trying to gently walk away,” one social media user commented. “Travis trying to gently pull away,” another noted.
Even comedian Nikki Glaser‘s parents also attended. Glaser, who attended the Dublin concert with her parents, shared a video of their reactions to the moment that went viral on Instagram. Julie Glaser described Roberts’ behavior as “disgusting” and “weird,” while Edward Glaser noted that Kelce appeared to be “trying to get away” from the actress.
Following the backlash over her comments, Nikki’s parents apologized. In a video shared on Instagram on Tuesday, Julie expressed regret for her choice of words, saying: “I should have said something different than ‘disgusting.’ It’s not a nice word. So I apologize for using that word right now – but I thought it was really weird.”
Despite their apologies, Nikki’s parents maintained their stance that Roberts’ actions were unconventional. Julie concluded, “Julia Roberts, she’s a good actress. But she’s a terrible flirt.”

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