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He played his first match Aditya Chopra And Siddharth P Malhotra‘S Maharaj, Aamir Khan‘s son Junayd Khan He already has two movies. One Sai PallaviAnother one who made his debut in Indian films and Sridevi And Bony Kapoor‘s daughter Khushi KapoorHowever, not many people are aware that acting was not Junaid’s first choice as a career.

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In an exclusive interview to ETimes, new actor Junaid Khan spoke about his career choice, saying, “When I turned 16 or 17, I wanted to be an actor. Before that, I was interested in studying economics; not statistics, but how people respond to incentives. For me, acting is the ultimate study of human behaviour, so I made that switch.”
Junaid also recalled the first day of shooting for Maharaj, “So, the first day of shooting was quite a hectic day of shooting. Actually, the second half of the day was more hectic and that made the first half go very smoothly. In the second half, we were shooting the post-Holi scenes.”
Also, not many people are aware that the introductory scene for Junaid was not included in the film. Junaid will be on stage in a few months as he prepares for his play in September.

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