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In the latest development, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has once again courted controversy by taking a strong stand on the Khalistani issue and urging the Sikh community to support ‘Akhand Bharat’ amid rising diplomatic tensions between India and Canada. His statements have generated significant debate and polarized opinion across the spectrum.

Kangana’s bold stance

Kangana Ranaut, known for her outspoken nature, expressed her views on social media, where she criticized Khalistani terrorist organizations and called on the Sikh community to distance themselves from them. Highlighting the consequences of associating with Khalistani terrorists, he claimed that such actions tarnish the reputation of the entire Sikh community.

See some statements of Kangana Ranaut here:

  1. “The way the Sikh community has boycotted me and the way they have violently opposed my films in Punjab because I spoke against Khalistani terrorists, it is not a good decision or signal from their part.”
  2. “In the past also, Khalistanis have caused serious harm to the entire Sikh community. I request the entire Sikh community not to get provoked or provoked by Khalistani terrorists in the name of religion. Jai Hind.”
  3. “Same is the condition of Punjab, when I spoke against Khalistanis, they managed to convince the entire Sikh community that I am against the entire community, even today my films are banned in Punjab, it is easiest to misguide them by exciting them. “

impact of misinformation

Critics argue that Kangana’s statements could be seen as an attempt to impose her views on a diverse and multi-faceted community, which would potentially alienate Sikhs, who may have different views on the Khalistan issue. Are. The controversy over Kangana’s comments reflects the deep-rooted tensions and complexities surrounding the Khalistan movement, which have historical and political dimensions that go beyond her statements.

Additionally, Kangana Ranaut revealed that her own experiences in Punjab, where her films are reportedly boycotted and protested due to her opposition to Khalistani terrorists, have inspired her to make these comments. He claims that Khalistani terrorists have damaged the image of the Sikh community in the past and it is important for the Sikh community to distance itself from such elements.

The controversy surrounding Kangana’s statements also draws attention to the delicate balance between freedom of expression and the potential consequences of making divisive remarks in a sensitive political environment. While some argue that his statements are an exercise of freedom of speech, others believe that they may further increase tensions and division.


Kangana Ranaut’s recent statements regarding Khalistan and ‘Akhand Bharat’ have sparked heated debate. His call for support of the Sikh community for a united India and condemnation of Khalistani terrorism has drawn sharp reactions from both supporters and critics. As India and Canada ease their diplomatic tensions, Kangana’s controversial stance adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing discussion over the Khalistan movement and its impact on India’s multicultural society.

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