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Fashion is something that has to do with aura, history, culture and a lot of creativity. How we dress is the driving force behind reflecting traditions and culture. Therefore, what you wear during a festival affects the way you celebrate and enjoy. Thus, the trends for festivals like Navratri and Durga Puja are not limited to just ethnic wear but also accessories, jewellery, makeup, hairstyles, shoes and handbags. In fact, Navratri outfit trends can also be in the form of amazing saree blouse designs, hair jewellery, traditional embroideries and much more. Overall, your festival appearance is the result of many factors.

Importance of Navratri

A Hindu festival celebrated in the honor of Goddess Durga, Navratri is not just a festival but a celebration of life that demands a spectrum of colors all around us. To match the beauty and grandeur of the occasion, women immerse themselves in the beauty of diverse lehengas for Navratri. Surprisingly, each colorful lehenga choli There is a story to tell. Indian women wear colorful lehengas and dance happily during the spirited Dandiya nights.

How to choose lehenga for Navratri?

When it comes to choosing the perfect Navratri lehenga for you, you have many options available including the latest design trends, innovative styles, trendy color palettes and great fabric options. Women can try the Indo-Western lehenga, the old school skirt lehenga, or the bold crop top lehenga to channel their inner diva. Peplum and strappy choli lehengas are some of the endless opportunities for fashion lovers to get a stunning traditional look. And why not? The nine nights of Navratri celebrations are a beautiful blend of devotion, puja, colors and Garba and Dandiya nights.

Best lehenga style statement to match the extravaganza

Women dedicate themselves to exploring the deeper significance of colors, choosing luxurious fabrics, looking for contemporary styles and craving different embroidery techniques during Navratri puja. Ethnic lehenga cholis made of silk, linen and cotton look great with an Indo-western touch. Anyone can understand the importance of a positive Navratri celebration with traditional yet trendy colors. As the word ‘Navratri’ means nine nights, fashion lovers can wear lehengas in nine colors or patterns. Here’s how:

Day 1- Orange- you may get some amazing garba lehenga for navratri And skirt top combo in orange shade. Add a touch of golden jewelery to the outfit.

Day 2- White- If white isn’t your usual choice, consider giving this simple color a chance to shine. Use your white designer lehenga for Navratri like a plain canvas to add color and splash in the form of colorful jackets, dupattas, neckpieces, or bangles.

Day 3- Red- Red color symbolizes entertainment and fashion, connecting you strongly to Indian roots and culture. A red crop top lehenga with fancy oxidised jewelery and a wide belt can be a good option.

Day 4- Royal Blue- Blue color can be a unique and beautiful combination for Navratri celebration. Blue lehenga with silver zari potli or silver juttis can give a stylish twist to your traditional look.

Day 5-Yellow- It is almost customary to choose a yellow lehenga for Dandiya nights. garba dress for women Featuring shades of yellow along with pink, red and green can be pure bliss.

Day 6-Green- Nature’s colour, growth and energy; Green lehenga is the ultimate style statement for fun. Make your lehenga more exciting for Navratri by adding unique belts, designer necklaces or trendy bracelets.

Day 7-Grey- Match your gray chaniya choli with blue, white or red accessories. Red juttis, green potli bag, or even pink dangling earrings can make your gray lehenga look perfect for Navratri.

Day 8-Purple- Make purple lehenga vibrant, cute and fabulous. You can give a personalized touch to your purple lehenga by mix-and-matching it with dupattas, stunning blouse designs and beautiful neck pieces.

Day 9- Peacock Green- A peacock green lehenga in Indo-western or ethnic style can help you get into the festive spirit. You can dance and dance in your dandiya night like a royal princess!

You can include your personal style in these Navratri lehengas. Incorporating tie-up details at the back of blouses, capes, jackets and dupattas can add a new dimension to your ethnic ensemble. Exploring combinations like grey, orange and white provides a unique opportunity for self-expression and leaves a lasting impression on the exhilarating dance eve of Navratri. Of course, you can never go wrong with red, green, pink and orange for a classic Rajasthani or Gujarati Navratri look.

and that’s not all. You can choose different clothes to suit your festive dress code for every style and mood.

  • Cotton – Enjoy every minute of your Garba dance with a comfortable and classic cotton lehenga in Bandhani or Lahariya print.
  • silk – Choose a strong but lightweight silk lehenga. Make your appearance versatile by matching it with the latest jewelery designs.
  • Brocade – Choose the rich color palette in brocade lehenga to enhance your ethnic style statement.
  • Applique Work – Lehengas adorned with applique work come in various designs, giving a quirky feel to festive attire.
  • Net and Organza – These lightweight lehengas in net and organza can provide a glamorous, stylish, modern look for your dandiya dance nights.

Dressing up your Navratri lehenga outfit – for a jazzy affair

Just as beautiful and gorgeous lehengas are the centerpiece of Navratri, accessories are like a treasure trove of Indian women. Accessories like shoes, bags and attractive makeup can be so powerful that they can make a difference in style. Let us see how jewelery and makeup can reflect a unique expression in your Navratri fashion realm.

  • jewelry – Complete your Navratri look with a unique jewelery collection that is as colorful as the nine colors of Navratri. Choose colorful and acclaimed gemstones for puja, a collection of pearl jewelery for that ancient and pure look, or oxidized silver jewelery for that shining star look. Don’t forget to adorn your wrists with colorful bangles, which add a sweet jingle to your every move.
  • hand band – The bags you have always fulfill all your fashion dreams and desires. You can choose royal velvet and embroidered potli to match your lehenga for the glorious days of Navratri.
  • Hairstyles and Accessories – Braids, side-swept bangs, and parted tendrils at the front can be perfect for your old school and Indian soul. The blonde hair braid and bun brooch may represent the strength of personal style and style change.
  • to complete – You can embrace the festive atmosphere by opting for bold eyeliner, lengthening mascara, or high-impact lipstick shades. You can also get a full-glam look by applying gold glitter in your eyes. Monochrome, full-glam or no makeup look can also complete your Garba look.
  • Shoes- Beautiful Punjabi Juttis are the best option to enhance your Navratri look. So, when you are arranging your Navratri attire, don’t forget to pick up some intricately detailed juttis or Kolhapuri slippers.

For that creativity, strength and passion, nothing can be as dynamic as a quirky mirror-work lehenga and Rajasthani lehenga for Navratri. The backless cholis, gota patti jackets and floral printed Garba dresses for women look like pieces of art and heritage craft. They can definitely make women look extremely beautiful for their auspicious Navratri celebration.

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