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Mahesh Bhatt had said in a previous interview that he fought his desire to fall in love with Soni Razdan and warned her that he would ruin her. The actress has received criticism from online users for marrying him.

Mahesh Bhatt once warned Soni Razdan that he would ruin him

A Reddit user recently showed an old interview of Mahesh Bhatt in which he discussed his marriage with Soni Razdan. The director claimed that he wanted to spend time with his infant son Rahul Bhatt after his romance with Parveen Babi ended while he was married to Kiran. She warned Soni Razdan that he would ruin her but he couldn’t stop himself from falling in love with her. The user posted a screenshot from the interview and wrote: “I thought Soni Razdan was a sensible person. Alia never really got a chance.

Netizens troll Mahesh Bhatt for being a sycophant

Netizens immediately reacted as soon as the retro interview came online. Mahesh Bhatt, who never fails to surprise us with his controversial comments, has once again angered social media users. While some people found Mahesh angry, others made fun of his destructive personality in personal relationships. However, other users also addressed Alia Bhatt and pointed out how her parents’ difficult relationship might have affected her. Click to see the post Here,

When Alia Bhatt talked about her father Mahesh Bhatt’s extra marital affair

Alia Bhatt was asked about her views on infidelity and extramarital affairs during an interview given for the promotion of her film Kalank. In response, Alia said that she does not promote adultery because everything happens for a reason. Referring to her father’s illicit affairs, the actress further said:

“My father met my mother because he was having an extramarital affair. I’m not that black and white about life; Sometimes things in life happen for a reason. Of course, you wouldn’t want to promote infidelity, and I don’t promote it, but I understand the nature of humans – it’s not always that easy, and it’s something that’s prevalent.

In the interview that followed, the 30-year-old actress said that one should handle infidelity with maturity and it is common in our society. Alia urged people to understand the process instead of turning away: “You cannot say that it does not exist or that it cannot exist. it happens! So try to understand it, look at it differently, or disagree with it, but keep some perspective on it and don’t turn your head.

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