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at 60 Baeksang Arts AwardsHeld in Seoul on May 7, the entertainment industry came together to honor outstanding achievements in television and cinema, creating an atmosphere of celebration and recognition. Actress among esteemed buyers Lee Sang Hee He received the title of Best Supporting Actor with his impressive performance in the movie ‘.My name is Loh Kiwan‘.
As her name echoed throughout the auditorium, Lee Sang Hee’s expression lit up with a mixture of joy and gratitude. Before taking the stage to receive his well-deserved award, he shared a heartfelt hug with his colleague and fellow actor Song Joong Ki, who was sitting next to him.

[60회 백상] 영화부문 여자 조연상 – 이상희 | more information | JTBC 240507

With short but sincere words acceptance speechLee Sang Hee moved the audience to tears with her sincere words of appreciation. According to Koreaboo, “Thank you so much. So many people helped us, our team. Thank you so much. Joongki! Joongki! Joongki, thank you so much. You inspired and helped me so much. Thank you Joongki”, he expressed his colleague’s invaluable thanked him for his support.
Lee Sang Hee took this moment to deliver a very personal message by directing her words to someone special. Expressing her gratitude to her lover, Lee Sang Hee said, “And I really wanted to say this: Jinyong! Thank you for marrying me. I have become a better person because of you.”
As the camera panned over the audience, capturing the raw emotions Lee’s words evoked, singer BIBI stepped forward, visibly breaking down in tears and prompting laughter from those around her. After the award ceremony, netizens flooded social media platforms with congratulatory messages for Lee Sang Hee and expressed their warm wishes for her continued success in the future.
One viewer commented, “I burst into tears because the speech felt so sincere. I’m your fan! I’ll support you.” Another said: “Congratulations Lee Sang Hee!” He expressed his congratulations. Praising his well-deserved win, another commentator said, “He deserved it. Even though he didn’t have much screen time, he showed us an acting worth remembering.”

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