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Nana Patekar shares the heartbreaking story of her eldest sons.cms

veteran actor Nana Patekar we talked about this recently tragic loss her eldest sonStruggling with health complications since birth. She expressed disgust with herself when she thought about others’ perceptions of her son’s condition.
Speaking about the death of his eldest son grandmother “My eldest son has been sick since birth. He had some complications,” he told The Lallantop.There was a problem in one of his eyes, it was not visible. I was so disgusted that I thought about what people would think when they saw him, what kind of son Nana had. I didn’t think about what he felt or how he felt. I just thought about what people would think about my son. Her name Durvasa. He spent two and a half years with us. But whatever he does, things happen in life.”
Nana revealed that she named her son after the angry sage Durvasa. She also talked about how he met his wife Neelakanti. They met during a play where he was a bank clerk earning a salary of two and a half thousand rupees. shared this Neelakanti He said if he wanted to play games or something he could because the money would come anyway.

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The actor also shared the story of how he quit smoking thanks to his sister. “I quit smoking thanks to my sister. She lost her only son. At that time, I was smoking around 60 cigarettes a day. I even smoked while taking a bath. But this is a very bad thing. There is no one there,” he said. I would sit in my car because of the bad smell. I never drank alcohol, but I smoked a lot. Then my sister saw me coughing after smoking. ‘What else do you want to see?’ she said.
Hearing this hurt Nana deeply and she never smoked again after that day. After that, all his habits changed.

Thinking about her family, Nana praised her mother’s influence in keeping her away from negative influences such as the underworld, which some of her relatives were involved in. She credited him with shaping her values ​​and steering her on a different path.
“What can I say about my mother? We owe everything to her. Everyone on her side had connections to the underworld. Our uncles also had connections to the underworld. I didn’t want to be like that, so my mother took me. They took me to the village so I wouldn’t get involved with the underworld,” Nana shared.

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