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Neeru Bajwaoften hailed as the queen Hollywood, effortlessly represents different roles both on and off the big screen. Beyond his cinematic prowess, devoted wife, a respectful daughter and a caring mother. In this respect Mothers DayLet’s take a look at an illuminating interview he did with ETimes, where he candidly shares his experiences as a manager. Working mother – overcoming difficulties as well as joys.
Reflecting the widespread stigma against working mothers, Neeru answered the intrusive questions often thrown at them. “No one asks the father even if he misses the children,” she said, pointing out the social double standard. She lamented the lack of solidarity between women, which sometimes contributes to the judgment and criticism working mothers face rather than supporting each other.

However, she acknowledged that there is also a segment of men and women who understand and greatly appreciate the world of a working mother.

In the interview, Neeru shared cute anecdotes about maintaining a strong bond with her eldest daughter Aanaya through daily FaceTime calls on the set. Neeru, despite physical distance Aanaya She felt connected to her younger twins, Aalia and Aakira, thanks to a solid support system that made the transition easier.
“Aanaya is a very smart child. He knows his mother has to go to work, he’s been trained and conditioned that way. You know our job, it’s like we’re in the army, we’re leaving and we don’t know when we’ll be back. That’s why Aanya never blames me for leaving her at home. He asked me, ‘How was your day, how was your shoot?’ asked. said Neeru Bajwa.

Aanaya’s understanding and maturity further emphasized the depth of their relationship. Neeru marveled at her daughter’s composure and pointed out how Aanaya, aware of her mother’s profession, never harbored guilt or resentment when Neeru went to work.
Through these intimate glimpses into her life as a mother, Neeru Bajwa’s warmth and devotion resonate deeply and touch the hearts of many.

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