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Ileana D’Cruz posted these adorable photos of her son Koa Phoenix Dolan. Apart from this, she wrote some notes, describing the pain her little one was going through.

New mother Ileana D’Cruz looks worried about her son Koa

On October 4, 2023, Ileana D’Cruz posted two selfies with her child Koa Phoenix Dolan on her Instagram account. In the first picture, they can be seen posing for the camera as Koa holds them tightly and sleeps on their chest. However, she seemed a little worried and was acting with a seductive look. Ileana’s face was partially visible in the image, with wrinkles and a troubled expression indicating that something was troubling her. She added a note to it, saying that Koa was in pain and suffering from an injury. Her note appears thus: “Nothing prepares you for the pain you feel when your little one is hurting.”

After this, Ileana posted a new picture of herself and her newborn son Koa on her Instagram stories. The picture shows the new mother with disheveled hair, dark circles under her eyes and a pale face, indicating the stress she was going through. Additionally, we saw Koa’s little fingers on Ileana’s chest, and the inexperienced mom added these words: “Baby hugs my little soldier all day. Mom got some hugs too.”

When Ileana D’Cruz shared an adorable picture with baby boy Koa as he turned 2 months old

On October 1, 2023, Ileana D’Cruz posted an adorable photo of her son Koa Phoenix Dolan on her Instagram account as he turned two months old. In the picture, the doting mother can be seen holding her newborn son in her arms and supporting his head on her shoulders. The little boy was looking adorable wearing a striped shirt. Whereas his mother had the biggest smile on her face.

When Ileana shared cozy pictures with her boyfriend Michael Dolan

On July 17, 2023, Ileana finally revealed love photos of herself and her boyfriend Michael Dolan after keeping the father of her child a secret for a long time. Ileana introduced her mystery man to her fans and uploaded a few clips of their date night on her Instagram Stories. In the pictures, Ileana was looking very beautiful wearing a red dress and Michael was looking very attractive in a black shirt. While taking the selfie, the actress kept her head on his shoulders.

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