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Singer Shubneet Singh aka Shubh used his social media account to make an official announcement regarding his position on the ongoing controversy following the postponement of his Bharat music tour. The artist is in the news for his Instagram story posted in 2017, which included a distorted map of India. When this post went viral on social media, the artist was accused of supporting separatist Khalistani groups.

Top celebs like KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli unfollowed him on social media. Shubh responded to the allegations on Instagram on Thursday night and expressed his disappointment over the cancellation of his show.

In response to the uproar over his alleged support for Khalistan, Shubh issued a formal announcement.
Shubh posted a long statement on Instagram about the cancellation of his India trip and being called “anti-national”. In the long letter, the artist discussed how it had always been his desire to make a name for himself as a young rapper from the rural areas of Punjab. The artist further said that recent events have hindered his years of dedication and advancement, and expressed his disappointment over the cancellation of his shows in India.

Shubneet shared a story through her social media account to clarify her point of view.

Shubh claimed that his intention was only to spread the message of prayer for Punjab. After stories of power outages and internet outages across the state became popular on social media. He also offered an explanation as to why he published the photo on social media earlier this year. The artist further said that his action was spontaneous and he did not intend to hurt anyone.

Additionally, Shubh revealed how the allegations have hurt him greatly and vowed to continue his hard work. “My team and I will be back bigger and stronger soon,” the singer said in his final statement.

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