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famous movie producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali celebrated for its great victory cinematic vision and his unique ability to blend visual splendor with musical genius. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Bhansali opened up about his deep-rooted love for her. music and how this shapes every aspect of the filmmaking process.
Bhansali passionately begins: “Without music, I am nothing. So I need music twenty-four hours a day. If I had it, I would still be listening to music right now because I always have my headphones with me.”
For Sanjay, music is not just background music but also the foundation of his life. creative process. “When it comes to cars, I only buy those with good stereo systems. I feel that music is an integral part of existence. If you take music away from me, I will collapse. This is my foundation.” His unwavering commitment to music means that every thought and idea Bhansali has starts with a melody. “All my thoughts on any subject start with music. First, a song comes to my mind, then I develop it further. Even if a song does not have a certain situation, it comes to life on its own. The song creates space for itself.” “This means that the song comes from the depths of my subconscious, I bring it out and create it,” he explains.
Moreover, the process of creating music for his films is both organic and collaborative. He works closely with his favorite writer, Turaaz, to create lyrics that complement the essence of the music. “Sometimes I explain a situation to Turaaz and he masters it beautifully. Sometimes a phrase comes to my mind and while some get rejected, others build on it,” says the producer.

Despite his meticulous approach, not all songs make it to the final cut. “We recorded fifteen songs but only nine made it into the series. Some songs were left out straight, some didn’t feel right and some could have been improved. I try to get better at my job every day,” he explains.
Bhansali’s commitment to excellence is evident in his quest for constant improvement, as he is quoted as saying: “If you asked me to review something I did yesterday, I would see two more things I could improve on because I live my work so intensely that it is constantly corrected and edited.”
This relentless pursuit of perfection stems from an artist’s belief in the evolutionary nature of his work. “As individuals, we need to develop, grow and work hard. Many people think, ‘It’s done, I’ll do it again later.’ But what you did yesterday reflects your knowledge then, and today you’re a little smarter and more experienced. I’ve noticed a guitar riff or something else that I hadn’t noticed before.” I keep listening to a rhythm that I hear differently one day, we are constantly discovering new things,” adds Sanjay.

It draws inspiration from legendary filmmakers who seamlessly integrate music into their storytelling. “Legends like Raj Kapoor, Mehboob Khan, Rishikesh Mukherjee and K. Asif have deeply influenced me. Music was an integral part of their cinema. By learning from them, we carry their legacy forward. If I can add three or four more films, while others follow world cinema in their own way, I hope to continue their tradition.” “I hope,” he concludes.
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