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Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Abhinav Kohli has claimed that the actress has not allowed him to meet their son for the last 9 months. He revealed that he requested Shweta a lot but she refused to meet him. Now Abhinav Kohli has filed a petition in the Bombay High Court and appealed to meet his son Reyansh.

I was ready to touch his feet- Abhinav Kohli

Shweta Tiwari with family

Abhinav Kohli said in his latest interview that Shweta is lying to the media and playing the victim card. He revealed that he had sent 100 mails to the ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’ actress requesting her to let him meet Reyansh. According to Kohli, he was ready to touch Shweta’s feet but still she did not agree. In his words:

“I wrote more than 100 emails to Shweta pleading her to meet my child but she did not agree. To meet my child, I was ready to fall at her feet in front of everyone but she did not agree.”

Shweta Tiwari with her children

Later in the conversation, Abhinav told that he never discriminated between Palak Tiwari and Reyansh. Although he and Palak are not on talking terms, his feelings as a father have not diminished.

Did Shweta Tiwari make a fake report to keep Abhinav away from her son?

Shweta Tiwari with son

Abhinav Kohli also made serious allegations against Shweta Tiwari that she created a fake counselor report in which it was said that Reyansh was afraid of meeting his father. According to him, the ‘Begusarai’ actress is trying hard to stop him from meeting Reyansh and is not even allowing him to make video calls with him. However, Shweta Tiwari has not yet responded to his allegations.

Abhinav Kohli remembered his last meeting with his son

Abhinav Kohli with son

Shweta Tiwari’s estranged husband also recalled his last meeting with son Reyaansh in January 2023. It was the day of Makar Sankranti when Abhinav was spending time with Reyansh in the society premises. But Shweta’s maid came and started pulling Reyansh away from her. Abhinav tried to stop them but the matter escalated further. For those unaware, Abhinav Kohli and Shweta Tiwari live in the same society complex but in different towers.

When Shweta Tiwari accused Abhinav Kohli of domestic violence

Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli

In 2019, the ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’ actress had accused Abhinav of domestic violence. Abhinav Kohli was arrested the same day but was later released after getting bail. The former couple is often seen publicly speaking against each other over their son’s issue. Let us tell you that Abhinav and Shweta are going to get legally divorced. What are your views on Abhinav Kohli’s claims?

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