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He claims that ‘no one had any legal reason’ to stop actor Siddharth from working that day. He also told about his long silence.

A few days ago, a press conference for Siddharth’s latest film, Chittha, in Bengaluru was disrupted by pro-Kannada activists, forcing the actor to leave the event. According to a recent story in India Today, he finally spoke about the incident during a press conference and said that ‘no one had any legal right’ to disrupt the screening of his film.

Press conference and success story

Sidharth was reported in India Today as claiming, “There was no closure on September 28”, during the news conference of the film’s success event at Prasad Labs in Chennai. For our press conference that day, we Reserved a separate auditorium and also paid for it. Suddenly, some persons entered, and the rest is history as you know. There were so many false claims being made that we deliberately scheduled the press conference for that day when there would be a bandh in Bengaluru. The opposite was true. No bandh was called that day. There was a bandh the next day. No one had any valid reason to disrupt my work that day. The truth is that we did not do anything. Didn’t do anything inappropriate.

He elaborated, “I just talked about the situation because, instead of talking about Chittha, one of the best films of my life, you asked me about unrelated things as your first question. Have been. Because of this I am really dissatisfied. Since this is a press conference and you all have asked me questions about it, I will address it now.

Scoop on the big event

Siddharth was promoting his latest film, Chittha, in Bengaluru when a small group of pro-Kannada protesters barged into the event shouting anti-Hindi messages. He insisted on throwing the artist out of the theatre. The protesters said that the actor should leave from there as the Cauvery problem is more serious. Siddharth, who was laughing and happy for some time, ran away from the theater when the situation became more serious.

Chitha is a Tamil film starring Siddharth and Nimisha Sajayan and written and directed by SU Arun Kumar. Chittha tells the story of an uncle and his niece. The film, released on 28 September to critical acclaim, was produced by Siddharth Edagi Entertainment.

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