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Suchitra Pillai reveals she didnt steal Preity Zintas boyfriend My.cms

Suchitra PillaiThe actress, known for her role as Saif Ali Khan’s girlfriend in Dil Chahta Hai and currently starring alongside Jaideep Ahlawat and Sonali Bendre in The Broken News 2, recently opened up about misconceptions about her personal life, saying she was unfairly branded as “the one” he explained.boyfriend thief‘ then in the media willseparation from current husband Lars Kjeldsen.
In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Suchitra claimed that her husband Lars Kjeldsen had dated Preity Zinta before but he was not the reason for their separation.
Putting aside the idea of ​​being a ‘boyfriend stealer’, Suchitra clarified, “No, this is another story told by someone else. Preity and I were never friends, we met because we had a common friend. But yes, Lars Kjeldsen had dated Preity .Zinta has been for a while but this was a breakup she had before she met me and only that part is true, I didn’t come between them, they broke up for a completely different reason.

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Reflecting on the incident that triggered the misleading label, he remembered the controversy that had arisen when he returned from England and began to speak out. flirt Andrew Coyne, who is associated with Star Television in India. He was falsely blamed for Andrew’s breakup with model Achla Sachdev. But it wasn’t his job and Achala and Suchitra laugh about it now.

Suchitra Pillai and Lars Kjeldsen exchanged vows in 2005 and are proud parents to their daughter Annika Kjeldsen. Meanwhile, Preity Zinta got married Gene Enough She welcomed twins Gia and Jai through surrogacy in 2016 and 2021.

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