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Amid her custody battle with Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner has been spotted settling into Taylor Swift’s New York apartment with her daughters. continue reading!

In recent weeks, Taylor Swift has made headlines for all the right reasons. While the diva has been making headlines for her alleged romance with NFL star Travis Kelce, she is also there for her friends.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ divorce has been the talk of the town ever since the news broke, and amid claims that Sophie is suing her estranged husband for custody of their kids, Game of Thrones Starr finds some solace in Joe’s ex-girlfriend Taylor. Fast. Swift and Turner were spotted together after news of the divorce broke, and the singer has been helping the actress with her children. Scroll down for more details.

Taylor Swift helps Sophie by lending her her NYC apartment.

Following her breakup from Joe Jonas and a prolonged custody dispute, Taylor Swift has offered Turner the use of a luxury flat in New York City’s Downtown Tribeca neighborhood. According to the article, he has an apartment in the same neighborhood as his investment property. Eyewitnesses have seen Turner and her girls settling into the affluent Tribeca neighborhood and exploring the local comforts and cuisine.

Before Swift’s offer of assistance, Turner temporarily relocated to a posh Midtown hotel with her two girls, 3-year-old Willa and 1-year-old Delphine. Two luggage and a folded travel cot were also removed from the building and placed in a car. Sophie helped her children fasten their seat belts before saying their final goodbyes.

Sophie was once again seen wearing her wedding ring.

According to DailyMail, when Sophie came to bid farewell to her children, she was also seen wearing her wedding ring. The actor was wearing a navy blue sweater, yellow shorts and trainers. According to the article, Sophie later took off her wedding ring when she was out with a friend.

Sophie and Joe’s divorce battle.

Turner and Jonas’ court battle took a turn for the worse when Turner sued her estranged husband, accusing him of withholding their girls’ passports to prevent them from returning to their native England. Jonas angrily denied the allegations. A judge later ruled that the children must remain in New York City until the divorce proceedings were final, further complicating their situation.

This month, Joe and Sophie decided to divorce after four years of marriage. The couple initially tried to split amicably, but have since been embroiled in a bitter court battle and show no immediate signs of reconciliation. Amidst all this, Sophie and Taylor have occasionally been seen together. It appears Swift is trying to support her friends. None of the three have yet discussed the situation publicly.

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