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According to reports, Bilal Shah, husband of TikToker Hareem Shah, went missing sometime after returning to Karachi from London last week.

The TikToker said her husband was “abducted for unknown reasons” and Bilal’s family verified that she was being interrogated in connection with Hareem’s social media activities. However, the TikToker did not explain why her husband has been detained.

Hareem and Bilal have been living in London for about two months, they moved there after Hareem Shah’s video was leaked and he fought a legal battle against fellow TikToker Sundal Khattak.

According to Hareem, Bilal had left London for Karachi eight days ago, but he was reported missing two days after reaching Karachi.

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‘Kidnapping’ of Harim Shah’s husband

Hareem Shah gave the following explanation: “Bilal and I were in London, and while we were there he went to work in Pakistan.” A group of disguised persons took action against him against the law. We went to the local police station to lodge a complaint, but no one could tell us why he had been selected. Additionally, we have filed a petition in the court. Bilal has been unauthorisedly removed.

She added, “I am making a formal request to the authorities to trace my husband.” He is not involved in politics in any way, nor is he an activist. He has no prior convictions on his record. We are worried and going through a challenging moment at the moment.

A formal complaint has been filed in the Sindh High Court (SHC) regarding Bilal’s “illegal detention” at the hands of law enforcement officials.

In the document, Shahzadi Begum explained that her son Syed Bilal was abducted by law enforcement agents from Korangi area on August 27, and her son’s current whereabouts were unknown. Harem indicated that the incident took place in the Korangi area.

He said the detained man’s wife Hareem was an activist on social media and the reason for her husband being jailed was his political views which he expressed on various online platforms.

Harim said his son is not involved in any illegal or criminal behavior, and he urged the court to compel the police and other law enforcement officials to hand over the detained man, as well as the charges filed against him. Share information about any allegations. He also argued that his son was innocent of any wrongdoing.


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