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“I write in the morning, I write in the evening, I sit behind these four walls and write your name.”

Poem Tinka Tinka inscribed on the outer wall of Tihar Jail Celebrations were held in the women’s jail today to mark the completion of the prestigious journey of Tihar. The poem written by Seema Raghuvanshi, imprisoned in Tihar, was included in the popular book Tinka Tinka Tihar edited by Vartika Nanda (media teacher and prison reformer) and Vimala Mehra (IPS) and then DG, Delhi Jail in 2013.

Today, after a gap of 10 years, Tinka Tinka is re-published by Tihar Tinka Tinka Foundation, showcasing the literary skills of women prisoners lodged in Tihar Jail No. 6. Tinka Tinka Tihar is a long journey that includes a book, theme song and a long wall painting on the outer walls of the prisons. The book was released by the Union Minister of State for Home APCCA Conference in New Delhi 2013. This book has been translated into 6 languages ​​and is considered an authentic version of prison life. The wall outside Tihar Jail is inspired by a poem written by a prisoner, Seema Raghuvanshi, which is published in the same book. This wall was inaugurated by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi in 2014. the song was released Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, Speaker, Lok Sabha. Both the book and the song earned a place in Limca Book of Records For their originality. Tinka Tinka Tihar was specially mentioned in prison statistics india In 2015.

On completion of 10 years of this creativity, the officers and staff of Tihar Jail came together to celebrate its success and brainstormed future plans to take Tinka Tinka Tihar to the next level. The book was released by Shri Sanjay Bainiwal, Director General (Prisons), Smt. Vimala Mehra, (IPS) Retd. The then Director General of Tihar Jail, Shri HPS Saran, Additional Inspector General (Prisons) and Dr. Vartika Nanda at a grand program at Tihar Women’s Jail. A special attraction was an inmate who contributed to the book as a poet in 2013, who recited his poems to the audience. He has been in jail for almost 12 years.

Jail Superintendent Krishna Sharma and his team showcased a special exhibition with innovative expressions of women prisoners on the theme of Tinka Tinka Tihar, reflecting their 10-year journey from 2013 to 20123. The prisoners also recounted the experience through a play. He also sang the song – Tinka Tinka Tihar. The video of the visit of “Tinka Tinka Tihar” was shown to the prisoners on the projector and the prisoners enjoyed it.

During the program, Mrs. Vimala Mehra shared her experiences with everyone while serving as Director General.

Dr. Vartika Nanda, the author of this book and compiler of poems, also shared her experiences while writing this book, its impact and consequences on the prisoners. He also told that till now this book has been published in 6 different languages.

Director General (Prisons) Shri Sanjay Bainiwal appreciated the efforts of Dr. Vartika Nanda for the upliftment of women prisoners and expressed his gratitude for making such a book a reality. He also said that such efforts have the potential to artistically bring out the hidden feelings of prisoners to the world.

Vartika Nanda is currently the head of the Department of Journalism, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. His other books Tinka Tinka Dasna and Tinka Tinka Madhya Pradesh are also considered authentic versions of life in prisons.

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