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Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra recently ventured into stand-up comedy with a debut performance that created a mix of humor and controversy. The program gained a lot of attention not only for his humorous anecdotes but also for his comments about paparazzi and former Bigg Boss contestant Uorfi Javed.

unforgettable masked comic

Raj Kundra, who is known for his quirky style, chose to wear a distinctive full-face mask during his stand-up comedy act. His unconventional appearance added an element of intrigue to his performance, capturing the curiosity of the audience.

Their legal issues are being made fun of

During his comedy set, Kundra didn’t shy away from addressing his recent legal entanglements, especially the high-profile pornography case he was involved in. He humorously reflects on his journey, highlighting his early career as a taxi driver in London and his transformation. In shawl business.

Paparazzi and Uorfi making fun of Javed

One of the standout moments of Kundra’s set was when she playfully slammed the paparazzi and mentioned famous fashion enthusiast and former Bigg Boss contestant Uoffi Javed. He quipped about how the paparazzi only had two stars to pay attention to, himself and Uorfi, and joked about their fixation on her fashion choices.

Uorfi’s strong reaction

Uorfi Javed did not take Kundra’s joke lightly and replied with a sharp comment. She called him the ‘porn king’ and expressed disdain for his opinion on her fashion choices. This exchange added a spicy twist to the story, causing a lot of discussion on social media.

Introducing Raj Kundra: ‘Mask Man’ and more

In his comic introduction, Raj Kundra referred to himself as ‘Mask Man’, highlighting his distinct choice of face covering. He also jokingly mentioned himself being called ‘Shilpa Ka Pati’ (Shilpa’s husband) and jokingly described himself as ‘cheap Kanye West’, which made the audience laugh a lot.

Reflecting on his career

Kundra’s stand-up act offered a glimpse of her career journey, highlighting her fascination with clothes. He recounted how, at a young age, he drove taxis in London, and eventually established a shawl empire at the age of 21. He humorously clarified that his passion was always getting people to wear clothes, not convincing them to take them off.

Raj Kundra’s entry into stand-up comedy brought a unique and entertaining perspective to the stage. His light-hearted take on legal troubles and humorous observations about the world of fame and fashion added a new twist to the comedy scene. The playful banter with Uorfi Javed added an element of spontaneity and controversy to the programme, making it a topic of conversation on social media platforms.

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