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Vijay Varma speaks on use of foul language in Mirzapur.cms

Vijay Varma‘ playing the role ofShatrugan Tyagi,’ And Shweta Tripathi Sharma ‘ who playsGoalIn the serial ‘Mirzapur’, they openly discussed their perspectives regarding the usage of ‘Mirzapur’. swear inside ‘Mirzapur 3‘.
While discussing programs like Mirzapur where profane language is prominent, Shweta Tripathi Sharma told Bollywood Bubble that their role as actors is to serve the story in a realistic way. He said that if the creators feel that language is necessary for the integrity of the character and narrative, it should be added with a clear purpose, rather than just providing entertainment or spice.

Vijay responded by expressing his personal history, stating that swearing was normalized in his family. He sees it as a true representation of how people speak in certain settings. Varma emphasized that if he were to portray his family in a film, he would retain that authenticity rather than alter it, as he believes it reflects their true essence without judgment.

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He gave details by drawing parallels to the discussions surrounding the artist Camkila‘s work, where views on obscenity varied. Varma emphasised that “Mirzapur” was a personal creation set in a particular cultural context where people spoke freely even in front of their parents. He emphasised his stance against self-censorship and moral policing, and contrasted this with the profanity commonly used in today’s media and public discourse.

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